Happy New Year

Animated Confetti Gif

Animated Confetti Gif
Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2011.  A brand new year with no mistakes in it—yet.

I have always loved that magic moment at the very start of a new beginning.  That moment before the first decision is made, the first breath is taken, the first sigh released, when the possibilities are unlimited.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not frightened by mistakes, I look forward to them, and the lessons they teach me. Still, I like to take a moment to enjoy the nanosecond of perfection before pushing forward on any new endeavor.

I have had a lot of fun over the past year.  I have learned a great deal about clip art and graphics in general.  Many of the spam comments I received were hilarious.  It is really a shame I was not able to share them with you. I am sure you already have enough links to Viagra sites without my adding any.

I am rather amazed that I managed to finish the 575 lines.  It may be the first time I have ever kept a New Year’s resolution.  It only took me 60 years.

I am not quite sure what I will be doing with the blog this year now that the 575 lines are finished. I have been kicking around a few ideas but haven’t settled on anything definite.  After the restrictions of the 575 lines I am ready for some freedom.  I am very sure that there will not be 365 more of them.

My daughter wants me to tell stories about my childhood.  But I suspect that she has a hidden agenda.  (Don’t all children want to know their parents’ darkest secrets?)

My sister wants me to tell stories about my life.  But I suspect she also has a hidden agenda.  (Don’t all siblings want to know your darkest secrets?)

Me, I just want to be entertained.  I am quite easily entertained—one of the prime secrets to a happy life—so just about anything might show up here over the next year except my darkest secrets.  Those I think I will keep to myself.

Ta for now. Do not forget to eat your black-eyed peas. We can all use a bit of luck in the coming year.

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