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Line of Strawberries

Jeremiah the magpie was jubilant. He loved strawberries.  Jeremiah wasn’t a picky eater.  He would eat just about anything that was lying about—eggs, insects, nuts, or even scraps.  They were all much the same to him.  But there was nothing quite so delicious as that juicy red fruit.

They look like red rubies nestled in their green mat.  And the way they sparkled and glistened after a dew  was a sight worth remembering.

Jeremiah was known to like a bit of dazzle in his life.  His nest was festooned with shiny treasures such as odd pieces of glass, jewelry, and metal that he had found.  Sometimes he could catch is reflection in their surfaces.  He was such a handsome bird.  And didn’t he know it.

Each spring Jeremiah would fly over the secret place in the forest where the strawberries grew waiting for them to ripen.  He would watch as the tiny white flowers changed into baby albino berries and then grow into succulent gems.  Then—and only then—he would swoop in and eat his fill.

Jeremiah was jubilant because today was that day.  He was so agitated as he was preparing for his flight, hopping about and chattering to himself, that the other birds became quite concerned for his well being.  So much so, they decided to follow him.

Jeremiah was usually very careful not to let the other birds see where he was going.  But today, in his excitement, he flew straight to the patch.

He was so focused on his goal that at first he didn’t notice he had company.  But soon, the chirping and rustling of feathers other than his own caught his attention.  Looking around Jeremiah saw that his wonderful patch was filled with birds.

“Oh well,” thought Jeremiah, “nothing to be done about it now,” and he went back to eating.

Line of Strawberries

Moral: Good things are worth waiting for
Magpies can’t keep secrets.

Published: January 5, 2011