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Do the TP’ers Want to Kill Granny?

Skeptical Granny

I have often joked with my daughter that the government has been trying to kill off my generation since the day it was born. They sprayed our neighborhoods with DDT, injected our food and cosmetics with red dye #3, insulated our schools with asbestos, filled the TV and movie screens with shows and films that glorified war and then sent us to war…the list goes on.

Now, here come the Tea Partiers, henceforth to be known as TP’ers (double entendre very much intended), wanting to “reform” Medicare. Excuse me, but weren’t these the people against the Health Care Bill because it would “kill granny”?

I suppose the TP’ers could and probably will make the argument that they are just giving granny the right to kill herself. If she isn’t able to afford food, shelter and health care it is just a matter of her mismanagement. “Sure we understand that she isn’t quite as sharp as she use to be,” they will say. “She should have known that she wouldn’t be and taken precautions when she was younger. It is not our fault.”

The beauty of this plan is granny is dead either way. If she chooses food over medicine, she dies. If she chooses medicine over food, she dies. The TP’ers inner Scrooge says, “Let granny die and decrease the surplus population.” That solves the problem nicely.

What the TP’ers haven’t recognized is that granny’s solution will be to come and live with them to make ends meet. But with granny’s luck they will just step over her on the doorstep until she expires, then they will call trash collection to pick her up…oops, can’t do that, trash collection is a government service. Sorry guys, guess you will have to haul the corpse away yourselves.

Published: July 31, 2011