About Visual

How this all happened:

Last year (2009), about this time, I was sent the Changeable Slip-In Photo Planner by MyBook to test for Today’s Creative Home Arts Club.  They usually send me something to test around my birthday, in December, though they missed me this year. Boo-hoo.  Oh well, guess I’ll just have to bear up.

Also, last December, I found in a thrift store two boxes of  Words To Go by K&Company, one white and one colored. Each contained over 4,500 words on cardstock in cute carryout containers. I am not the type of person who ever makes New Year’s Resolution but….I was looking for something, not too hard to do, that would give me a mental jump-start in the morning.  The words and the planner were sitting side by side on the table and a resolution was born.

About Visual

The Rules:

Create three lines and paste them into the book each day using the words available. The first line was to have 5 syllables, the second line 7 syllables, and the third line 5.  You might recognize this as the syllable ratio of a haiku. The 5-7-5 lines were not meant to be haiku. The restriction was made just to keep things orderly.

Year Two:

It is a New Year (2010).  In October, I decided to extend my 2009 resolution for a second year and do a small something or other for each of the 5-7-5 lines created. By request, I will publish the original 5-7-5 line in a comment.  That’s the story. Hope you enjoy.

Jump-Start Yourself:

If you would like a little mental jump-start yourself, I found the Genuine Haiku Generator at EveryPoet.com. You can use the random words it generates as a starting point and write a little something.